It’s not the easiest thing to diagnose.

Derealization Disorder can be described as:

“ Detachment from one’s surroundings. Individuals experiencing derealization may report perceiving the world around them as foggy, dreamlike/surreal, or visually distorted.”

There’s a whole bunch of psychotherapy jargon to describe why Derealization (and Depersonalisation) happens. Here’s a good way to think of it: It’s…

Not everything needs to be a grand gesture.

It’s pretty safe to say most people have been having a hard time as of late.

The pandemic completely threw our social and financial structure out the window, leaving millions struggling with living standards, mental and physical health, and more.

With such difficult times, there have been a lot of…

Jim Sullivan

Putting one word in front of the other. Mental Health, Creativity, Productivity, Relationships and more. Buy me a coffee if you like my stuff!

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