You have a skill. Use it.

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I try to write every day. Even on the days when I’m not particularly “feeling it” I knuckle-down and clatter my fingertips to the keyboard until something of some description finally happens. But it’s not because it’s my job; It’s because there’s a part of me that feels like I have an obligation to do what I do.

If you can write (and by “write” I don’t just mean playing with the idea of writing. I mean having a skill for the game) then you should do it as much as humanly possible, in a whole host of ways. There…

I wrote professionally for years without one but am now seeing the benefits

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After graduating from University, I started putting one word in front of the other on a variety of topics as a hobby in my spare time. Eventually, it became how I made my living. I’m forever grateful for that.

Between working odd jobs and trying to find a sense of direction in this crazy world, writing became an instant escape for me — somewhere to funnel a sense of creativity and dedication that I’d been missing for a long time.

The only problem was, looking back, my writing setup was less than ideal. For starters, I didn’t even have a…

The littlest issues can have the greatest impact on our mental health

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The term “Making a mountain out of a molehill” is one that used to confuse me as a kid. My mother always used to throw it out whenever I started flapping about the smallest detail being out of place. Like us arriving a couple of minutes late to a school event, or questioning why other people said certain things in a certain way.

Since then, I’ve learned that it’s a relatively simple way to generalize over-worrying — something I’ve been working on improving for years. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking to stop over-worrying, too.

It was only…

Don’t let the little things hold you back

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We all have things in our lives we’d rather not lose. Small pleasures, items, or moments that we’ve become accustomed to, but that we’d rather not say goodbye to.

But what happens when these little things start interfering in the “bigger picture?” The direction we want our lives to take? The people we want to spend our lives with?

I only speak of this because I’ve got some pretty heavy life experience in having the little things hold me back. They literally held me back for years. I don’t want to see the same thing happen to you.

But we…

Using the same tricks repeatedly can become problematic

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They say repeating things over and over again and expecting a different result is the definition of Insanity. While this might sound a little dramatic, it’s absolutely true for your writing process.

Yes, we all have tried and tested methods that we stick to in order to create an engaging and entertaining product for the reader. But in maintaining these tropes we open ourselves up to not only stagnation but criticism from our audience.

If there’s a select group of people who are big fans of your work and who read your work on a regular basis, you run the…

Moving home is stressful enough as it is

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So, you’ve finally decided you’ve had enough of your current surroundings and need a change. Or, maybe you’re a young person, moving away from home for the very first time — congratulations!

Either way, if you’re of a nervous disposition (like me) and always panic over the smallest details, the HUGE details involved in moving home can become overwhelming. Meaning you’re likely struck with a case of Moving Anxiety.

I recently jumped ship to a new house and a new location. …

Hard work is about something different.

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There’s a growing culture of so-called “influencers” online who live and breathe by the fact they wake up at 5 am. Every day. As if this alone was worthy of monumental praise and forms the basis of everything that makes up their meaning in this world.

Breaking News: It doesn’t.

Yet countless people all over the world looking for their next personal and professional messiah will listen intently to the teachings of these people as if they’re automatically qualified to be giving anybody serious life advice. Why? Because they wake up early. …

Empathy can make you feel strong things.

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Nobody ever told me what to expect when I became depressed. It’s not something that’s discussed at home, in the classroom, at work or even at the doctors’ office.

But even in the places depression was discussed openly and freely, everybody failed to mention one thing that is pretty important:

It’s contagious.

If you’re turning your head in confusion I totally get it; From a purely physical standpoint, depression is not contagious at all. A depressed person can’t sneeze on you and suddenly you catch it too, so relax.

But one thing I’ve discovered is that it’s incredibly easy to…

The world needs hope right now. So do you.

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My middle name is Peter. In High School, a few of the kids used to joke that the ‘P’ in my name didn’t stand for Peter at all; It stood for Pessimistic.

That’s a pretty big word for a young teenager, and I didn’t even know what the word meant until I’d heard it used as an insult against me. But in all honesty, looking back, I don’t blame them for gifting me such an unusual title.

I was miserable. Not all the time, but most of it. This was because…

I was not expecting this!

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A few months ago I was prescribed a set of anti-depressants to help handle my symptoms of Derealisation Disorder (which I’ve also written about — you can find that piece here).

The doctor warned me there might be some small side-effects as my body adjusted to the drugs, which is understandable and certainly expected. What wasn’t expected were just how odd some of these side-effects would turn out to be.

The usual suspects came and went: Nausea, dizzyness, irritability. But everything else was highly unwanted and downright scary at times. After some research, I discovered many of these side-effects are…

Jim Sullivan

Full-time Content Writer. Mental Health, Self-Improvement, putting one word in front of the other. Coffee and cake tends to help!

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